This top quality Restroom Trailer goes over and above with the many exclusive features available. With a state-of-the-art Vacuum Toilet System for both seated porcelain toilets and urinals, a very robust, efficient and reliable system that uses fresh clean water with every flush, guarantees to be completely odor free and is chemical free.

  • Stylish and contemporary vanity areas
  • Large and full-length mirrors
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting
  • Sensor taps
  • Disposable seat covers (ladies restroom)
  • Hand lotion (ladies restroom)
  • GHD hair straighteners
  • Automatic paper towel dispensers
  • Restrooms heated for comfort

All an extra 2.3m width for stairs


Hand Soap Dispenser Interior Lighting Interior Mirror Spacious Interior


Width: 2.6m Height: 4m Length: 17.5m